Shopping online for the best deal can get confusing and challenging really quick. Lucky for you, we have put together some tips on how you can get the absolute best deal on the things you love online! Once you realise how easy it is,  you won’t want to shop any other way!

Let’s get started shall we?   

  1. Try In-Store & BUY Online:  For many items such as clothing, shoes and other apparel, it’s important to try them on before you buy. This is where going to the store will be the most rewarding. Stores nowadays are designed to give you the best experience to try before you buy. The coolest part about our method is that buying online is like having your own virtual closet ready to send you the items you need, all after you have tried on your sizes! Alternatively, you can purchase the sizes you feel will fit you, try them all at home when you receive them (avoid lineups and limited sizes in-store) and return the ones that don’t fit!
  2. Dive into Clearances: Almost all stores have Clearance Sections. They are more often than not, very good value for your money. Yes, they might be one season behind, but you’ll often see discounts of extra 20%-75% off! It goes to show the amount of margin each store has for their products. Clothing and apparel is the best example. As clothing is seasonal, it is almost certain you’ll be able to find a good deal in each store’s clearance section for clothes that are only a few months old (many people won’t even be able to tell the difference!) This way, you’ll be wearing a new wardrobe that you bought for more than 50% off others would pay when they were new!clearance-banner
  3. Sign-up for Mailing Lists: Yes I know, we all could use less spam in our email accounts, so what are you going to do with ANOTHER newsletter?  First, you must know that for many retailers, by having you sign-up for their email list, they’ll offer you not only instant discounts, more often they will send you coupons for you to use either right away, or future purchases! Cool right? But whereas most people sign-up using their personal email, the wiser will sign-up using another email account just for online shopping/subscriptions. If you’ve already signed up to many using your personal emails already, go to the most recently-received newsletter and hit the “Unsubscribe” button to opt out of the mailing list. Now, create a new email account JUST for newsletters (you can thank us later) and sign-up using that! Sometimes you might even get another discount just for using a new email address at certain stores!bigstock-mailing-list-concept-52707769
  4. “Deal-Stacking”: The term “deal-stacking” means exactly what it says, stacking deal on top of another deal! Many times, coupon codes and website deals often can be stacked (unless stated otherwise). This way you’ll be able to get not only a good deal, but a great deal. For example, if Aldo has a pair of shoes in the Clearance section for 20% off regular prices, take them up on their offer. Before you hit checkout, make sure you find a Coupon code and get another 5-10% off or an instant discount. As mentioned earlier, signing up for a mailing list may get you another deal on top. was created to find the Coupon codes for you so you don’t have to! Another method to stack is through the use of gift cards. often offers discounts on gift cards for their site (i.e. Kohl’s). Purchase a gift card from Raise to use along with your clearance promotion AND your promo code and you will have yourself one heck of a Fresh deal .clip-art-gift-cards-02-1024x641

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