We here at FreshlyDeals want to ensure that you have the best experience shopping online and saving money through our great deals. We compiled a list of some tips that we should all do and don’t do, while buying online.

Online shopping is super convenient. However, it can be extremely easy to turn something with so much potential into a giant headache. There’s quite a few “little” things many people don’t think to check for, such as promo codes, special deals and sales, a site’s validity, or even something like coupons, which most people only use if they’re inside of a store. There’s so much to remember, but FreshlyDeals is here to help!

Buying Online

When you’ve found an item you want to purchase, there’s a few things you should think about before diving right in and entering in your credit card information. First, make sure you are on a trusted and valid site. You can quickly check this by looking up reviews about the site and seeing if other people have been scammed or if they really enjoy the goods and services they’ve been provided with. Sometimes, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. If you see a gorgeous gown from $5, you probably won’t receive what you thought you were going to.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Online Shopping


  • Look for promo codes, deals, and coupons before finalizing a purchase. These kinds of deals can really save you some big bucks! Whether they take some off the total or give you free shipping, this is a great way to make sure you don’t spend as much while still receiving everything you need.
  • Keep track of your order. Make sure you know when it is supposed to arrive and keep updated on where your package is using the tracking number (if available).  If there is an issue with the shipment, reach out to the company and check with them if there was a problem on their side. Most companies are willing to work with you on your order! Here are UPS’s details on tracking your package.
  • Research the site before buying. We can’t stress this enough. It is so important to keep your information private and to be sure you aren’t the victim of any online scams. There are quite a few companies looking to make money at your expense but there’s ways to avoid falling into their trap. A few hints to look for the site’s domain starting with “https” versus. “http” and also the padlock icon displayed in the window, usually beside the domain name. For more information on secure websites, see here.


  • Shop on public computers. You don’t know who uses public computers and there’s just no way to truly be safe unless you’re on your own personal device. Public computers may have untrusted software and keyloggers installed to record sensitive and personal information, such as credit card numbers
  • Enter your credit card information into an untrusted site. It’s always best if you can utilize a payment system like PayPal to confirm the purchase rather than putting your information straight into the website. Even if the website is one you can trust, always choose a method that is safer if you can. PayPal also offers excellent buyer protection in case there is a dispute with your purchase
  • Reload a confirmation page or the order processing page.. Reloading these can cause your account to be double charged.

Buying online has advanced to a stage where it is safe for consumers, but we must always  be vigilant of tricks and scams that may still exist online. Putting these safe measures into practice will ensure that we will all have a fun and enjoyable online shopping experience!


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