Fashion trends come and go, and if you have that trendy frenzy shivering down your spine, having the latest fashion trend in your closet may be as important as having your breakfast.

Fashion might be different for people around the globe. Getting your hands on the latest trend is every fashionistas dream. Here are 8 of the biggest trends, which have gained the spotlight in 2016.

Shirt Dresses:

One of the trends which you definitely need to pick from this summer is the shirt dress. The long-shirts which hit the cupboard a few years ago, and are already considered a classic is thriving with a touch of a shirt. With a variety of cuts and quirks, the designers have re-imagined this dress. You can find these outfits at Nordstrom Rack and Boohoo



Falling in between a full-on-flare and a boot-cut, the culottes are tricky when you come to think of it, especially the length. This season, the culottes have been evolved with a double-tone or embroidered variants. Moreover, these have been combined with wide legs, making this dress look extremely good. The culottes can be found at Express, ASOS, and Urban Outfitters

Silence + Noise Sadie Pleated Pull-On Culotte Pant from Urban Outfitters. $30

Long Vests:

Inspired by the 70’s blazers and jackets, the long vests give a slimming effect to anyone who wears it. Especially when the dress is left unbuttoned, a sexy touch is added to it. The long vests are available on most outlets of Forever 21.

The Forever 21 Dropped Lapel Trench Vest. $34.99


Closely resembling a poncho, but beating the trench coat at its own game, the cape is one of the most interactive accessories you can wear over anything you have worn on your upper torso.  Neiman Marcus and Macy’s offer the best options if you want to find a cape worth wearing.



Sporty Look:

An old-school approach, yet being worn by most of the ladies out there today, the sporty look is being adored by the fashion industry these days. Get some Fresh kicks (no pun intended) at some of our favorite sporting stores such as Nike and Adidas


The Flat Mule:

Thanks to brands such as Alexander Wang, the comfortable shoes are still trending in the world. In such cases, the name which pops up in the minds of every fashionista out there are the flat mules, which are readily available in stores such as Saks Fifth Avenue.

Flat Mules are trending! Available at Saks.

The Half-Moon Bag:

The buckets really need to watch out, as there is a new shape in town which is dominating the fashion industry, with its sleek look and unique textures. The half-moon bag is one of the latest and most trending accessories and can be found in major stores such as Michael Kors.

The Half Moon Bag from Michael Kors

Orange Is The New Gold:

They say that orange is the new gold. Well, you bet it is! Orange is being used by most of the major designers we see today and with the vibrancy orange carries with it, big names such as Dion Lee are using it in abundance. You can find Dion Lee and other brands featuring orange this season at Intermix.


So, get your style on and fill your closet with the best fashion trends this season. Visit to pick up a promo code or two on all your favorite online stores!


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