Find yourself hanging around the city over a holiday or a weekend with amazing weather outside? If you’re an outdoor lover, this is the perfect time to get out and learn more about your city.

You may be thinking “What about people without a huge budget? What is out there for them to do?” The good news is that cities have many activities for everyone at affordable pricing and you can always find some great deals. Here are five ways to save money on activities:

  1. Libraries. Don’t think that libraries are boring book warehouses. Yes- they have books, but they also have computers, videos, CDs, and programs to enjoy. If you have children, libraries have reading programs that will offer readings. Even if you don’t have children, libraries have book clubs. They are a great way to get in on reading fun, stay cool inside and save money. Most of these programs are free and can enrich your summer life.
New York Metropolitan Library
  1. Parks and forest preserves. If you truly are an outdoor person and want to save money, these are great places to visit. Even if you plan a weekend camping jaunt, you can bring your own food and get by on minimal resources. You can spend your day on the trails hiking, on the water boating or meeting new people. You can spend your nights around a campfire and bundled up in a sleeping bag for a night under the stars.
Central Park, New York City
  1. Museums. These are more locations where you can find cost-effective activities. Most museums offer great pricing throughout the summer for families. The great news is that you can usually get summer passes. If you think you’ll frequent a museum throughout the season, consider getting a pass. Look online for special promo codes and coupons to help with admission. It saves money and normally comes with a lot of perks to add value to the overall cost. Plus, there are plenty of fantastic things to see, learn and explore with different exhibits that change throughout every season.
The Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, Canada
  1. Wine tastings. For adult fun, consider wine tastings. The great thing about these is that you can get some great prices on admission, and then be wowed by different wines. Depending on what type of tasting you get in on, they likely will give you samples and something additional off of your purchase at the end. Many wineries offer great deals on wine tasting tours, usually found on Groupon.
Many Wineries Offer Great Deals on Wine Tasting Tours
  1. Zoos. Just like museums, zoos are great summer activities that are cost-effective. You can also look into season passes or yearly passes to cut down on costs even more. The best thing about zoos is that many of them are completely outdoor, so you’ll be able to see the animals while roaming through the warm summer air. Plus there are plenty of places to eat and get snacks along the way.
The World Famous San Diego Zoo

Finding cost-efficient things to do around the city shouldn’t be a problem. Just look to places that have great activities and specifically tailor savings. Likely they will build specials to make your savings that much greater. Also, be sure to look at websites that are useful like FreshlyDeals to find even more value in your summer activity list.


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